Monday, May 2, 2011

There's nothing like some good PP

Moth's Wings
Passion Pit

Word of the Date


verb, transitive.
perplex greatly; bewilder
He was greatly flummoxed by the question.

Evaluation: excellent.  This word is just phenomenal.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

JBT, no biggie

John Butler

God Bless America

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday

I did something out of character today and went to church.  I haven't attended regularly since age 14, so this is a big deal.

My reason for going, to be honest, was to try and keep my mother sane.  She is convinced the family is falling apart and for whatever reason has turned to superstition for guidance.  I figured if I satisfied her family needs by attending service this Easter, she would be off my back for a spell.  With this motion of my filial piety in place, I might even get off the hook for Christmas, my other favorite pseudoholiday.

Sidenote: Over a span of 55 minutes, I was notified "HE IS RISEN!" approximately 236 times.  I should have brought with me a hand counter.  Repetition is key to the learning of children, or similarly impressionable minds.

It started off really well, with everyone pretending to get along with each other, singing praises of a supreme mythical being, and clandestinely having a best-dressed competition.  I had a lot of fun people-watching.

In my observance, I remembered one of the most common Christian axioms that I was taught in grade school and reflected on it.

-God Doesn't Care About Looks
A righteous proposition indeed.  "God loves ugly."  Certainly, the faith would have us think that we all are children of god-equal in his sight.  Perhaps appearances didn't matter to Christ, but to Christians, I reckon they do. I watched and listened as 'Christians' of different ages, races & backgrounds took turns demeaning others.  Two immensely fat girls seated on the aisle were mocked.  Churchgoers pointed at the only midget in the congregation and whispered about his stature to one another.  Everyone who was 'appropriately dressed' took notice of those who lacked similar designer clothing, and shot glares at the financially distressed others.  I think Jesus (if he had risen, indeed, lolz) would agree with me in thinking they missed the point.

You don't have to be religious to be a decent human being.
In fact, religious people can be downright shitty.
The same is true for nonbelievers.

My point is that religion doesn't dictate your morals or your worth as a person.  Surely, it can influence ethical decisions but ultimately doesn't matter.

I think I'm a good guy, most of the time, simply because that's what I want to be, and not because some taboo religious code instructed me to.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ben Folds Doesn't Publicly Endorse Child Labor...

...and to me, that counts.

Not The Same
Ben Folds w/Western Australia Symphony Orchestra

George Carlin on Religion

"religion is bullshit"

George Carlin for president.  I know the man is dead, but he could be posthumously elected.  Dead presidents are the best kind anyway.